About Us


The services we offer for the events are: General Decoration, Wedding Plan, Coordination, Assembly and Corporate Events.

What we value most

We value and exercise the very complete Wedding planner service. Through which we are hand in hand with the future spouses, indicating every detail they must follow from the planning of their wedding, until they go on their honeymoon.


SINCE 2018

Both, my business partner and I grew our experience in the enchanting tourism world while working for various important Tour Operators and Hotels to provide our services to fascinating guests travelling to the Caribbean!

As time went by, while working in areas such as: Transfer Representative, Hotel Representative, Groups & Incentives and the field which captivated us the most; Wedding Coordinator we learned a great deal about the importance of excellent customer service.

We put our heart, energy and assertive care to details to make of each wedding a memorable experience hoping it would last a lifetime in the heart and mind of each Bride & Groom getting married.

The thirst to make our very best in carrying out exceptional Wedding Planner Services for our guests made us develop a clinic eye in detecting avoidable errors, ceremony innovations and ruling out missing details which could make a big difference on the most important day of our Brides & Grooms.

Wedding Venue Decoration Providers played a tremendous role in achieving 90% of our wedding planning tasks having us focus most of our attention to follow up constantly with them to avoid repeated mistakes.

So… after 12 years of a happy marriage and professional growth we started Deco2Love! to contribute with assertiveness in adding our unique touch and heart to excel our Brides & Grooms expectations to make happy smiles, relaxed laughers and impressed guests making of your wedding day the best experience ever in the entrusted hands of Deco2Love.

Deco 2 Love