Make your own wedding survival kit

Weddings usually last hours and hours. Sometimes the big day begins with the first lights of the sun and does not end until late in the morning. The nerves, the excitement of seeing relatives with whom you had not been together for a long time and the time you spend having fun can take its toll. A wedding is always a time to remember and it is best not for any setback, don’t you think? How about preparing your own wedding survival kit? Your guests will love the idea!


Surely you’ve been to weddings where wedding survival kits have been distributed. If they are well prepared, you will surely love them as details. But … what should each kit contain? We put you in the background!

The objective of the wedding survival kit is for it to contain a device for any unforeseen event that may occur during the duration of the wedding. For example, you get overwhelmed by the emotion during the ceremony and you don’t have a handkerchief to wipe away your tears… because that’s why you have a survival kit! Maybe you have been drinking mojitos and your head hurts a little, because in the survival kit there is sure to be an ibuprofen to help you overcome in the best way possible the next hours of the wedding, what hurt your shoes what have you released? The kit contains the perfect band so you can endure the rest of the wedding dancing and enjoying to the fullest!

To prepare the wedding survival kit you must keep in mind that the vast majority of your guests will wear a suit and shoes, so you can start thinking about what you would put in a kind of emergency kit. For example, the strips can not be missing, do not forget to put some thread and a needle in case any part of the suit or dress is broken and an emergency must be done.


When the wedding survival kit is special for wedding guests, do not forget to include in it something so they can freshen their mouths, like some gum, a small bottle with cologne, in case they want to touch up during the wedding and a soap or a deodorant, since after so much daily hustle it is difficult not to sweat at a wedding.

The basics in a wedding survival kit also include some paracetamol pill, strips, handkerchiefs to wipe away sweat, tears or mitigate the pain of rubbing the shoes you just released. Also, it would not be a good survival kit for weddings if a little candy was not included in it to sweeten even more if the wedding fits, how about some candies or some gum?

And in the event that the wedding survival kit goes only for the guests who are women, it is well known that we all like to tweak our makeup a little, so a lip gloss to recover the shine with which it has been left home, it never hurts, nor does a transparent glaze. Obviously, these kits can always be increased or reduced to taste.


Think about what you would succeed with a survival kit for men. They also suffer mishaps. In these cases, do not forget to put in the kit an aqueous eye drops for red eyes, a mini toothbrush, candy, gum or a little bit of a male colony. Triumph assured. And you will have a spectacular wedding without a doubt.

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